Post Deploy Configuration

CirrusGrid can perform post deployment application configuration via rake. This is usually needed to finalize configuration of complex applications, to run additional applications or specific steps for application configuration like db:migrate.

To do this we’ve introduced a new file called rake_deploy. It is located in the application root and contains a list of the commands that have to be passed to rake. Each command has to be located in a separate line. Commands are executed successively.

CirrusGrid executes commands from rake_deploy with each restart of the apache/nginx service and deletes them right after successful execution. As a result, if you need to bypass different commands to rake on each deploy you need to create a rake_deploy file each time and put the correct commands there.

CirrusGrid puts the output of each rake_deploy into a corresponding log file which is available via the Log view in the CirrusGrid dashboard.

Syntaxis of the rake_deploy file:


And CirrusGrid will execute the following scripts:

rake $COMMAND_NAME_1  
rake $COMMAND_NAME_2  

For example, rake_deploy looks like the following in the Redmine tutorial:


Note: To freeze gems you need to add the gems:unpack command to rake_deploy.

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