Account Password Reset

In case you’ve forgotten your CirrusGrid PaaS account password, the platform provides a reliable and secure flow to reset your password.

Tip: If you need to change password and still retain your current one, follow the steps in the linked section.

Account Password Reset #

1. Go to the CirrusGrid log in page and select the Reset Password option from the list at the bottom-left corner of the form.

2. Within the opened frame, you need to provide the email address of your account.

Click Reset for CirrusGrid to send you a link for password restoration.

3. Check your inbox for the following email.

4. An email containing the new password will be sent to you.

5. Login with the new password.

Note: For security reasons, the link remains valid for 24 hours only. Upon login using the new password, user is advised to use the Change Password feature to assign a new password.

Change Password #

We highly recommend keeping your password secure (utilize special, upper/lower case characters and have a sufficient length). Also, it is good practice to change your password periodically, ensuring it is resilient to the brute force.

Tip: If you want to drastically increase the account’s security, configure a Two-Factor Authentication for an additional layer of protection.

In order to update your CirrusGrid account password, log in to the appropriate platform dashboard, and follow the steps below.

1. Click on the menu with your login in the upper-right corner and choose the Change Password option.

2. In the opened frame, fill in the fields with your current and new passwords and click the Change Password button.

change password form

In a moment, you’ll be notified about operation success and receive the appropriate email as well.

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