Account Statuses

CirrusGrid account can have different statuses:


If your account is active, all your environments are running.


In this case you still have the access to the CirrusGrid dashboard, but all your environments are stopped and you can’t make any changes or create the new ones.

If you have a trial account it can be deactivated due to the trial period/credits expiration. Convert your account to the billing one and it will be activated automatically.

If you have a billing account it can be deactivated due to lack of money. Replenish the account and it will be reactivated automatically. You will need to restart your environment(s) manually (by clicking the Start button).


The account can be suspended, if you broke any part of agreement with CirrusGrid. After that all the environments will be stopped and you won’t be able to sign in. To reactivate your account you need to contact support.


In this case you still have the access to the CirrusGrid dashboard, but all of your environments are deleted and you can’t recover them.

It happens in two cases. First, if you personally ask to delete it. Secondly, if your account is deactivated and you don’t do anything to activate it during some period of time stated by CirrusGrid.

If you wish to recover your account, you need to log in to your dashboard and click the Upgrade trial account button.

Tip: to delete your account and unsubscribe from our mailings, please, contact our Support. For that click Help button at the top panel of the dasboard and choose Contact support item in the drop-down menu.

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