Account Types

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By default, accounts created in CirrusGrid are considered to be trial accounts. Those accounts, which were created before commercial release, also become trial.

CirrusGrid imposes various limits on trial users. Once you change your account to billing account, the limits are reduced and the account becomes a paid one.

According to the type of your account you have a particular set of rights and quotas. If you have a trial account and need more possibilities, you can convert your account to billing one without waiting till the end of trial period.

Trial #

When you create an account you get a trial period. During this period, you get a 14-day period during which you can use our service free of charge.

Before the end of your trial period you’ll see a message that you need to convert your account. When the trial period finishes all your environments will be suspended. After that you still have some time to change your account to billing one. If you don’t do that your account will be destroyed.

To cancel your trial and delete account, please, contact our support.

Billing #

Billing account is a full paid account. You can convert to billing account right after your trial period expiration or from the very time of registration.

Full account provides you with larger amount of possibilities. First of all, the limitations are reduced. Secondly, you’ll get an opportunity to be fully supported by your hoster.

The information about your account limitations you can find at your dashboard in Quotas&Pricing. To get acquainted with the CirrusGrid pricing system look through our Pricing FAQ.

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