Built-In SSL

Built-in wildcard SSL by CirrusGrid PaaS is an excellent solution for those who are searching for a quick and reliable way to secure their website.
The built-in SSL certificate (can be referred to as {hosterName} SSL in the dashboard) offers:

  • Convenient Management – configured and working SSL with a single click in the topology wizard
  • Fast Validation – domain level verification, including your site check and security seal issuing, is performed in a matter of minutes
  • Enterprise-Level Data Encryption – the strength provided by built-in SSL certificates makes your customers feel comfortable with their security

So, to get the built-in SSL certificate, perform the following simple steps:

1. Log into your CirrusGrid dashboard and open the topology wizard through clicking the New Environment button at the top-left corner (or by selecting the Change Environment Topology icon next to the existing environment).

2. In the opened topology wizard, set up your environment up to your needs, then switch to the SSL section at the top-left part of the frame and enable the built-in SSL with the appropriate switcher.jelastic build-in ssl

Note: Built-in SSL is not compatible with public IP address attached to your servers and is applied to the specified environment name domain only (e.g. my-project.qloud.asia for the image above).

To initiate your environment installation, click the Create button (or Apply to adjust the existing one).

Now, upon clicking the Open in Browser button for this environment, you’ll see that communication with it is performed over the HTTPS protocol.

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