Kubernetes provides multiple options to deploy applications. Herewith, one of the most common methods is to use the Helm package manager. It helps to install Kubernetes applications from remote repositories as well as create local Helm charts. Helm CLI communicates with a service called Tiller that triggers Kubernetes API to create objects like deployments, services, persistent volume claims, etc.

Helm is available on all master nodes of the Kubernetes Cluster by default and requires no additional configuration.

Tip: The package manager is automatically updated during the Kubernetes Cluster upgrades.

1. You can see which charts are available by executing the helm search command.

kubernetes cluster helm search

2. Installing an application with Helm is as simple as running the helm install command with the required solution (listed in the previous step). For example, to install WordPress:

helm install stable/wordpress

Additionally, Helm offers a feature-rich CLI to manage existing charts and package your applications.

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