Java Engine Server

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Java Engine software stack is an image of a base CentOS template by Jelastic PaaS with the preinstalled JDK. It provides a bare minimum required for Java application hosting, while ensuring compatibility with all of the platform features (e.g. automated vertical and horizontal scaling, public IP, isolation groups, firewall rules, API and SSH access, etc).

Java Engine is designed for the deployment and hosting of Java applications based on the fat JAR / uber JAR (i.e. executable JAR with all the classes, resources, and dependencies). Herewith, it utilized the Java Memory Agent to automatically optimize your application by tuning configs according to the load and available resources.

Create Java Engine #

Follow the next simple steps to create a new environment with Java Engine server.

1. Log into the CirrusGrid dashboard and click the New Environment button at the top-left corner.

2. Within the opened topology wizard, switch to the Java tab, select the Java Engine server and the required JDK version (circled in the image below).java engine in topology wizardCustomize any other parameter up to your needs, e.g. resources limits, disk space, external IPs, region (if available), etc. Click Create to proceed.

3. Your environment should be ready in a engine environment created

Now, you can start managing your environment:

 Refer to the Java Developers Center for a complete overview of the Java hosting within CirrusGrid platform.

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