Python Versions

CirrusGrid PaaS provides all the latest versions of the Python programming language and ensures a swift implementation of any further releases. The up-to-date list of supported engine versions:

  • 2.7.17
  • 3.5.9
  • 3.6.10
  • 3.7.6
  • 3.8.1

These can be selected during a new environment creation and adjusted for existing Python instances.

Create Python Environment #

1. Access the topology wizard by clicking the New Environment button at the top of the dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Python programming language tab, where the Apache Python application server is automatically selected, and choose the required engine version (2.7, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 or 3.8).

topology wizard select python version

Adjust any other settings (e.g. cloudlets limits, public IPs, region, etc.), provide environment name and click Create.

Change Python Version #

The version of the existing Python instances can be changed with the container redeploy feature.

1. The appropriate dialog can be accessed in the following ways:

  • from the central part of the topology wizard (can be accessed with the Change Environment Topology button next to the appropriate environment)topology wizard redeploy python nodes

  • using the Redeploy container(s) button next to the required node or layerredeploy containers button

2. Within the opened frame, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Tag – select the needed Python engine version
  • Keep volumes data – protect data in the volumes from erasing during redeploy
  • Simultaneous or Sequential deployment with delay (for scaled servers only) – choose whether all containers within a layer should be redeployed at once or one-by-one

python container redeployment frame

Click Redeploy to proceed.

3. Confirm an action via the appeared pop-up window.

confirm python container redeployment

That’s it! In a minute the Python engine version of your container(s) will be updated.

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