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QloudData Personal automatically sync and store data from your devices to cloud with 100% privacy.


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Enterprise-grade File Sync and Share services. Allows your organization to share working files, chat via Talk, work simultaneously, anywhere can be your virtual office.



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We always listen to our users.

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GDPR Compliant

Built with Auditing Capabilities, Files Access Control & GDPR Compliance.

Real-Time Synchronization

Sync files from your device automatically in real-time. Access it from your Windows, Android or iOS device anywhere.

Free Support

Free support with no additional charges, as how support should be.

Total Privacy

QloudData will not access, analyze or use any data within your account for any purpose. So you can rest assure your data will remain only known to you.

Calendaring & Contacts

Share your calendar with your contacts, let them know your schedule better.

Data Backup and Restoration

Backup your data with no extra charge, allowing you to restore it when needed, such as accidental deleting your files.

Rich Workspace

Preinstall with apps and tools enabling users to collaborate and work together, tracking timeline and delegate tasks.

Lock Files

Prevents conflict with colleagues who are trying to edit the same file.

Workflow Management

Create and manage rules to control the flow of data between users and servers, enable admins to allow or deny access to, convert, delete or retain data within business requirements.

Secure File Exchange

Protected by passwords, enabling high sensitive entities like hospitals, banks, notaries, and government agencies to securely send files to and receive files from customers, patients, clients or partners.

Access Controls

Control access of different users to ensure maximum security for organization data.

Data Backup and Restoration

Backup your data with no extra charge, allowing you to restore it when needed, such as accidental deleting your files.

Compare Plans

QloudData Personal
QloudData Personal Free
Admin Cloud
QloudData VPS
QloudData VPS Managed
Data storageup to 500GB3 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Admin Account
Users and groups11
Full Cloud Backup
Unlimited traffic
Collabora Online*
Talk App
Turn and Stun servers
Number of syncs
Free SSL certificate
Free daily backups
Encrypted data transfer
Encrypt data at rest
Federated Sharing
External storage
Data Retention
Quota management
Disable/Enable Apps
Dedicated Resources
Root access
UTF8MB4 4byte support
PHP Extensions
System Cronjobs
3rd party software
Updates by our team
System updates by our team
Dedicated support with sysadmin1 hour
Stand-alone email server
Service Monitoring
Suitable ForHome users, studentsIndividualsResearch institute, schools, business entitiesBank, hospital, financial institute, government agencies
Starting price


General questions:

You can access your QloudData account by visiting URL below, an email containing your login information has also been sent to your mailbox during signup!


Yes! You can download it here.

On QloudData Personal, the cloud storage is hosted by Qloud MSP. Each individual user can only signup for 1 account. While on QloudData VPS, businesses can choose to host the cloud storage on our cloud, or on their own cloud. QloudData VPS can add as many users as they want within their account. For more information, you can compare plans here.

Yes. No matter if you are an individual or organization you can order any QloudData plan.

Yes you can. Just login to your QloudData account and click "Upgrade", or click here.

QloudData free account comes with an initial 3GB per user, you can upgrade your account up to 500GB.

Order & account creation

The provider of QloudData requires your personal information, which required by their local law, in order to provision the service for you. But rest assure your personal information is protected by PDPA and GDPR where it cannot be used out of the purpose of provisioning the QloudData service.

No you may not have multiple free accounts. Each email is only eligible to signup for one account.

You are require to verify your email in order to access your QloudData account. We encourage you to use email which you regularly access. During an event of lost password or any problem with your account, the instruction to reset your account credential will be sent to your signup email.

In some cases if we detect any miss information’s or we believe that you provided us with fake information we may ask you for your ID. We reserves the right to deny services to the Client who provided false personal information.

After confirming your payment, your account will be activated within the same business day.

During your upgrade from QloudData Personal Free Account to Paid Account or to QloudData VPS, all your data will be remained within your account.

We accept the following payment methods: Direct bank transfer, Paypal, credit cards: VISA, MasterCard.

Data safety and privacy

Yes we are! QloudData is comply to PDPA and GDPR, which means we are obliged to follow every requirement in handling your personal information.

We will definitely not doing so! As we are PDPA and GDPR compliant, we have strict policy in acquiring, storing and handle your personal information. We will not sell your information to any third party.

Yes, QloudData have redundant data protection and recovery policies in place. Your data will be secured regardless of any situation.

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