Protect Your Servers with BitNinja Security in the CirrusGrid Application Platform

BitNinja Server Security is an easy-to-use agent that resides within your infrastructure, continuously monitoring for any attacks. When an attack is detected, the agent sends information to a central cloud server, ensuring immediate action. Configuring BitNinja is simple, and it requires no maintenance on your end. The best part? Each protected server benefits from the collective incident information gathered from other servers running BitNinja.

The Power of the BitNinja Defense Network

By implementing BitNinja Server security, your server becomes part of the powerful BitNinja Defense Network. This network functions as a collaborative learning system, where servers collect and exchange valuable information about attacks. As a result, the collective cybersecurity capabilities of the network are magnified.

For instance, if an attack is detected on a server protected by BitNinja, the corresponding IP address will be instantly blocked not only on the attacked server but also on all other servers protected by BitNinja worldwide.

Every server within the network receives real-time updates on safe and malicious IP addresses. As the knowledge base of attacks expands, the Defense Network becomes increasingly effective at preventing and mitigating cybersecurity threats.

Comprehensive Protection Against Malicious Activities

With BitNinja, your CirrusGrid Applications and Servers environment benefits from full-stack protection against a wide range of malicious activities, including:


1.    Brute force password attacks

2.    Port scanning

3.    Hacking CMS (Content Management System)

4.    SQL injection

5.    Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks

6.    Spam distribution

7.    Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks

8.    Harmful infections

9.    Anti-phishing measures

10.  Blocking suspicious IP address

11.  Automated attacks on all major protocols (not limited to HTTP)


By utilizing BitNinja Server Security, you can confidently safeguard your CirrusGrid PaaS environment and protect your customers’ data and applications from an array of cyber threats.

Take your server security to the next level with BitNinja and CirrusGrid Application Platform integration. Experience the power of the BitNinja Defense Network and enjoy comprehensive protection against malicious activities.

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