Qloud Managed Hosting

A good host should be fast, agile and secure yet cost effective

Hosted On-premise and Hybrid Exchange Servers

Managed VPS, Cloud and Co-location services


i. Customizable to meet your business demand

Easy to use and configurable based on your actual needs to avoid over investment.

ii. Strong encryption and protection

Secure with latest encryption technology and threat protection against hacking and advanced malware including Ransomware.

iii. High performance option and scalable

Powerful and agile as built with performance parts and components, your applications are always running at best possible levels.

iv. 24/7 managed monitoring and support

No IT Support? No problem! Let us monitor your hypervisors uptime seamlessly and response for any anomalies immediately anytime.

v. End-to-End Hosting solution

From Hardware to System utilities software licenses. We have it all and manage for you at best pricing around.