Qloud Managed Monitoring

What is

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If network security and uptime is crucial to your business, Qloud Performance Monitor is here to take your headache away. With 24/7 Network Operating Centre and Security Operating Centre on the line, we improve your network performance and up-time with our award-winning solutions, while proactively monitor, identify and prevent security threats of any kind.


Monitor features

Monitor your networks in real-time visibility

Nothing is more important than knowing What, Where and Why in your networks. Powered by enterprise class monitoring platform, we monitor almost anything, anywhere in IT infrastructure from hardware to data levels.

Complete Visible features

Complete visibility

Monitor almost anything - network, CPU, memory, disk, services, file, logs and hardware status via SNMP and IPMI. Agentless monitoring is possible with simple but important ICMP ping to detect uptime response and packet loss. Simple yet effective Web monitoring functions – check performance and availability with alarm or notifications includes download and upload speeds.

Secured features

Secured platform

Security is our priority with strong encryption and authentication between components (HTTP / LDAP). Permission are granted based on access group with Read / Write, Read Only or Denied access level.

multiplatform features

Supports multiplatform

Choosing the right tool is important, our powerful agents capture resources utilization including Windows, Linux, UNIX and even macOS.

Improve time features

Be notified and improve resolution time

Qloud Managed Monitoring send notifications automatically to the right people in dealing with abnormal network issues so they could response faster and easier because time is money. For mission critical, just subscribe our optional professional consultancy services supported by 24/7 NOC experts.

report features

Gain ROI via SLA Reports

An effective and clear reports can deliver immediate ROI. Reduce the time, cost and headaches to troubleshoot or calling vendors to dig unknown networks performance issues. Let Qloud Managed Monitoring services to monitor your system health and empower your IT staffs to focus into critical projects.

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