Protect your business from phishing, impersonation, and ransomware attacks with the most effective and affordable email security solution in real-time.
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Spot The Difference - Which Email is Legit?

Phishing email different
Phishing email different 2
Phishing email different 1
Phishing email different

The letter “ɑ” in the email address on the left image is actually a Cyrillic symbol, while the correct email address should be the right image. However, this is almost impossible to spot with a human eye. This is why we should leave it to the effective anti-phishing solution.

Cyber Attacks Are Evolving Every Day, Are You?

Criminals are learning new tricks every day, social engineering, CEO fraud, spear phishing. One user’s negligence will open a backdoor for cybercriminals. Do not take your chance when it comes to business data protection. Prevention is the top priority.

What is

Best in class comprehensive email security protection with affordable pricing. The best Cybersecurity investment does not look at the brands or measures based on prices but the effective solution provided to you.

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sphishprotection - Best In Its Class

Best In Its Class

The most comprehensive email security protection at small business pricing. Maximize your Return on Security Investment (ROSI) here with us.

Office 365 will not protect you against impersonation (CxO Fraud) and phishing attacks

Employees often represent the weakest link in security. This is why cybercriminals target CEOs, CFOs, HR, Finance Departments, and regular employees across every industry. As you know, Office 365 is extremely limited in the protection that you can’t configure to stop impersonations, email fraud, and phishing.
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Advanced Phishing and Threat Protection makes simple

Cybercriminals often find the path of least resistance into business systems via phishing attacks.

These attacks typically begin with misleading emails that may seem to come from a credible vendor, a recognized entity, or even a familiar colleague or supervisor.

6 Complete Email Protection Technologies in One

Advance Threat Defense
PhishProtection Real-Time Link Click Protection

Real-Time Link Click Protection

Check emails for malicious links before they hit your inbox or every time you click.
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Smart Quarantine

Notifying the sender that their message was quarantined and giving them secure access to release the message themselves without Email Administrator intervention.

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Domain Name Spoofing Protection

Block cybercriminals attempting to spoof internal emails, which is the greatest threat against executives at your company, giving them spear phishing protection.

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Display Name Spoofing Protection

Prevent display name spoofing by alerting recipients when a display name in an email is similar to the display name of an executive.
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Malicious Attachment Blocking

Scans non-executable files for embedded macros and scripts and zips files up to nine levels deep with user notifications.
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Real-Time Access to Mail Queue and Activity Log

Offers you complete situational awareness of your system from a single unified web-based console with real-time access to the activity log and email queue to complete your protection.
Sphishprotection - Solution for Office 365 Vulnerabilities

The Perfect Solution for Office 365 Vulnerabilities

Office 365 does NOT provide sufficient phishing protection. That is why these disruptive emails continue to make it through their defences. ​

Microsoft’s cloud-based software platform is an excellent productivity tool, but it can’t keep users safe from the sophisticated cyberattacks that cost small business owners millions of dollars every year.

​ If you’re an Office 365 user, you need PhishProtection to keep your email inbox free of phishing scams, email fraud, and business-crippling ransomware.

Education and Awareness is Essential

Use Phishing Simulation to Test and Train Your Employees Against Phishing Attacks. Find out how your employees will respond to real-life phishing attacks.

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Multiple Layers of Protection

Zero Hour Malware and Ransomware Protection
Unlimited Inbound Message Volume
Spam Filtering
Domain Name Spoofing Protection
Malicious Attachment Blocking
Activity Logs
Real-time access to the mail queue and click reporting
Smart Quarantine
30 Day Backup queue with MX backup service included
24×7 Support

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