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Email Archiving Architecture

Discover the Benefits of HIVE Email Archiver.

HIVE Email Archiver is a secure, user-friendly and scalable email archiving solution that is both lightweight and versatile. It can easily integrate with your existing environment, without the need for a new one. By simply adding an add-in, you can archive emails directly from your email clients like Outlook.

Key Features

Safeguarding Vital Communications Keep all critical emails secure in your organization’s environment with our HIVE Email Archiver. This tool provides a range of features designed to ensure that no important messages slip through the cracks.
on-premise deployment

On-Premise Deployment

Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, depends which option that best meets your needs.
Full text Search

Full Text Search

Allows searching archived emails by keyword, date, sender, recipient, or any other criteria.


Uses secure SMTP & HTTPS protocols to protect your archived emails from unauthorized access.
Audit & Retention

Audit & Retention Policy

Maintains audit trail of all archived emails, as well as determine organizational retention policy.
Flexible & Scalable

Flexible & Scalable

Add or remove users, scale up or down on storage size according to your organization needs.
Cloud Backup & Recovery

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Automatically backup to the cloud and recover with simple steps.
Analyze & Index

Analyzer & Indexing

The analyzer and indexing technology makes finding archived emails faster.
Deduplication & Compression

Deduplication & Compression

Securely archive emails with deduplication, compression, and 2FA encryption, saving space and ensuring protection.

Securing and Retaining Your Email Has Never Been Easier

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