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Nextcloud Personal

Nextcloud Personal automatically backup and sync data 

from your devices to cloud with 100% privacy.



Upgrade from Free Edition

Up to

Mobile Apps
(iOS, Android)

Outlook Integration


NextCloud Data Personal
Next Cloud Data VPS

Nextcloud VPS

Enterprise-grade File Sync and Share Services anytime, anywhere. Powered by the award winning Nexcloud Files and Nextcloud Hub allows your organization to collaborate freely but securely with comprehensive managed support provided by Qloud MSP.


GDPR Compliant

Collaboration Add-on

Online Office Editing

Outlook Integration

Rich Workspaces

Secure File Exchange

Nextcloud Education

Facilitate collaboration and protect data for Universities, research institutes and schools.


Remote Learning

Easy Sharing with Team

Flexible Scaling

nextcloud education plan

Compare Storage Plans

NextCloud Personal Hosting Plan

Nextcloud Personal - 25GB

4.00 USD / Annually

Nextcloud Personal - 50GB

7.50 USD / Annually

Nextcloud Personal - 100GB

13.50 USD / Annually

NextCloud VPS Hosting Plan


193.50 USD / month


436.00 USD / month


723.00 USD / month


1,113.00 USD / month

Complete Plans Included:

Add-ons available:





NextCloud Education Hosting Plan

Nextcloud Education comes with the same features as VPS. However, we offer it at a more competitive rate. Please reach out to our sales team to secure the best price for you.

Nextcloud Key

Experience safe syncing, easy team chats, and powerful security. perfect for every business or personal task.

Nextcloud features - Collaboration & Integration

Collaboration & Integration

Modern organizations secure data and improve productivity with by enabling customers and employees to collaborate seamlessly across divisions and over company borders. Supports integration including Outlook, LDAP and Active Directory.

Nextcloud features - Sync Anywhere

Sync Anywhere

Supports Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS client. Access, share and work your important files on the go or synchronize between them.

Nextcloud features - Sharing Flexibility

Sharing Flexibility

Do not put your corporate data at risk with free public servers. Share with QloudData locally or private cloud with full control, upload rights and password protection.

Nextcloud features - Powerful Security

Powerful Security

Protected with End-to-end encryption and group policy settings

Nextcloud features - Calendaring & Contacts

Calendaring & Contacts

Calendar sharing with other QloudData users or groups and sync with your devices to know them better.

Nextcloud features - Compliance a priority

Compliance a priority

Built with Auditing Capabilities, Files Access Control and GDPR compliance ready.

Nextcloud features - File Versioning & restoration

File Versioning & restoration

Recovers data or files that accidentally deleted. Restore your modified pdfs, documents or spreadsheets to the preferable version.

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Powered by NextCloud a leader of enterprise on-premises file sync and online collaboration technology providers

Frequently Ask Questions

Qloud MSP simplifies Nextcloud management for your organizations. We’ll handle the setup, security, compliance and infrastructure, so you can focus on the benefits of Nextcloud while remaining in control. Our expert engineers will also ensure your organization comply to local governance requirement.

  • Nextcloud Personal – personal storage for remote worker, automatically sync and store data from your devices to cloud with 100% privacy.
  • Nextcloud VPS –  Enterprise-grade File Sync and Share Services anytime, anywhere. Powered by the award winner Nexcloud Files and Nextcloud Hub allows your organization to collaborate freely but securely with comprehensive managed support provided by Qloud MSP

You may subscribe to QloudData via our website at

You can set auto subscription in your account at

You can login to your account at and manage your subscription.

Our customers care deeply about security and so do we. Nextcloud aligns with industry standards such as Clause 14 of ISO/IEC27001-2013 and related standards, guidance and security principles. Our solution is built around combined assurance layers consisting of rich security features, applied best practices governed by policy and the design itself validated by industry standard testing processes.

Better Protection

Popular cloud storage services such as Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive might not provide robust protection for your critical business files. Their widespread recognition makes them prime targets for cyberattacks, evident from recent news about security issues and data leakages.

In contrast, Nextcloud allows you to store your sensitive documents on your server of choice, providing you with local security and management of those documents.

Efficiency & Control

Transferring files via email can be tricky due to size constraints and the inherent risk of interception while in transit. The Nextcloud EFSS central storage gives you the ability to share a document once and continue to make updates, all while shared users are accessing the most current information.

The ease of use and efficiency of Nextcloud means that employees have no excuse not to share files securely, no matter the size – no more bypassing IT’s data sharing workflows and exposing proprietary information to the world in the process.

Qloud MSP is the official implementation and support partner of Nextcloud GmbH in Malaysia. We are also the only Nextcloud Gold Partner in South East Asia region.

Nextcloud Gold Partner

Official media release: 

  • Independence – No vendor lock-in, no long-term commitment to manufacturers or IT service providers
  • Flexibility & Adaptability – Open Source software can be customized to meet individual needs
  • Transparency – Open source code ensures maximum transparency and trust in the software
  • Stability & Performance – Stable and tested technologies with high performance
  • Security – High security standards, security gaps are closed more rapidly
  • Innovation & Development – Fast and continuous development of the software by the community

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