Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP Sdn. Bhd)

This copy of SLA referred to Qloud MSP Cloud Services as follows;

  • Cirrus Grid
  • Qloud Next Gen Backup
  • Qloud Data Corporate Edition
  • Qloud Secure Biz Email
  • Qloud Managed Monitoring

and other contract services provided by Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP Sdn. Bhd) that may be defined under this SLA.


Incident Response and Resolution Table

Severity LevelDefinitionResponse TimeResolution Time
Priority 1• Major System breakdown or failure
• All Systems or Applications is not functioning
• Prevent from further work
• No workaround is available
30 mins8 hours
Priority 2• The System is still functioning but hardly usable
• Business highly interrupted
• Requires immediate attention and resolves within 24 hours
1 hour1 day
Priority 3• System still accessible and usable but unstable
• Intermittent issues and interruption
2 hours2 days
Priority 4• Low Impact on business
• Performance Issues
• Unrepeated interruption or short downtime
• System still usable but drops from the usual quality
4 hours3 days


Customer shall provide Company their designated technical or head of department contact point, where it is required to assist the Company whenever needed for troubleshooting, system recovery, and emergency support related incidents.

Customer shall provide reasonable work facilities for the Company’s technical personnel when if required to work on-site at a Customer’s remote location or facility.

Customer shall review, verify, and acknowledge the service report or ticket closure whenever Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP) provides its Support and services to the Customer.

Customer shall provide sufficient internet connection speed and capacity in order to establish a stable, secure, and usable connection to Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP) Hosting or Cloud infrastructure.

Customer must ensure all of the connected devices, including PC, Server, Mobile, Data, and Workstation, are patched, preinstalled, or protected with Firewall, SSL, VPN, Antivirus, Endpoint Protection, and free from Malware.

Customer is restricted from copy, duplicates, clone, or to imitate Qloud MSP software, platform, logos, content, and other information under the ownership of Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP Sdn. Bhd) for other commercial use.

Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP Sdn. Bhd) do not liable for any damages, data loss, and service interruption if found the issues or incidents reported to be under own customer responsibilities.


Qloud MSP Upgrade Rights and Preventive Maintenance

Qloud MSP (Qinetics MSP Sdn. Bhd) reserved the right to upgrade, modify and enhance the Cloud software or platform when as needed, which is required to upkeep and maintain the systems to ensure working at an optimum level.

The events of shutdown maintenance or urgent maintenance are unavoidable in keeping the company systems safe and secure to use.

Scheduled Shutdown for Preventive Maintenance and other necessary urgent Upgrade activities will not be considered as Downtime or System Breakdown. Therefore, it is not part of the SLA penalty.



Qloud MSP guarantees all technical issues will be handled correctly via Email, Telephone, or Remote Support depending on subscribed services.

24/7 Helpdesk Support. A designated Number and Email address will be given to all customers. Response time may vary depending on separate contract terms.

All Incidents and Technical Support requests will be logged in the Helpdesk System to ensure consistency and SLA measurement.

Incidents or Tickets Severity to be escalated and categorized according to the Incident Response and Resolution Table above.


System Uptime SLA

The following services subject to 99.5% Uptime SLA.

  • Cirrus Grid
  • Qloud Next Gen Backup
  • Qloud Data Corporate Edition
  • Qloud Secure Biz Email
  • Qloud Managed Monitoring

This Support SLA is complete together with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Please refer to the above sections.

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Last Update: 15 May 2020


SLA is subject to change when it is required.