Next-Gen Managed Services

We Accelerate Your Business To Achieve Transformational Growth

A reliable Managed Services provider are supposed to provides long term benefits to your organization by not just taking away your IT headaches but capable to enhance your IT lifecycle and business productivity.

What we do?

Next-gen Technical Support​

Break-fix services are fundamental. Our certified experts are available 24/7 to provides proactive support and monitoring to your latest generation of systems to minimize your business downtime.

Network monitoring

You need to have a visibility to know What, Where and Why. Powered by enterprise class monitoring platform, we monitor almost anything in IT infrastructure from hardware to data levels.

Cloud “Qloud” Computing

Effective cloud solution brings significant cost saving and high reliability to the organization. However, it requires a right planning and implementation. Researched found that 55% of IT professionals agree that some Cloud adoption fails because lack of understanding of its business-driven objectives for migrating to the cloud and 42% lack of planning. Here in Qloud, we offer the right solution, consultation and migration to empower our customers to have a complete and effective Cloud ecosystem based on business requirements.

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Data protection begins with reliable backup and recovery solution. But that’s not all. As cyber security remains the biggest threat in protecting your organization data’s. Next-Gen MSP plays a vital role to manage complex environment and secured customers data with the best available solution, practices and technology.

Why Qloud?
We focus your goals

The right service providers tell you what are the right thing to invest.

Whether is ROI or technology enhancement. We have years of experience in Plan, Build and Implement the right solution to our customers based on the highest value we could offer.

Proactive remote support and monitoring (RMM)

Qloud remote monitoring and management systems can identify problems and root cause before downtime happens with alerts for all servers, networks and your defence gateway. Let us to notify and support your systems 24/7 all year long remotely or onsite regardless to location.

Access to newer technology securely

In the world of integration, systems are getting complex and harder to maintain but user’s experiences shall remain simpler to operates. This is why Next-Gen MSP must have the capability to manage complex environment while our customers can work effectively and securely.

Traditional MSP may have a full control to your systems however lack of visibility to you. Here in Qloud, we enable customers a self-service capability to monitor and change with the guidance from our experts. This means System Administrators does not lose the control to perform backup, configurations and restart a server while next-gen MSP handle the security, best practices, architecture and right consultancy to you.

Wang CW

Head of Managed Services