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Personal Cloud Backup and Storage

Starts from 0.33 USD/month


Secure Private Cloud Storage

for Business Collaboration

QloudData Education

Secure Private Cloud Storage for Schools and Universities

QloudData Personal

QloudData Personal (Nextcloud) automatically backup and sync data 

from your devices to cloud with 100% privacy.



Upgrade from Free Edition

Up to

Mobile Apps
(iOS, Android)

Outlook Integration


QloudData VPS

Enterprise-grade File Sync and Share Services anytime, anywhere. Powered by the award winning Nexcloud Files and Nextcloud Hub allows your organization to collaborate freely but securely with comprehensive managed support provided by Qloud MSP.


GDPR Compliant

Collaboration Add-on

Online Office Editing

Outlook Integration

Rich Workspaces

Secure File Exchange

QloudData Education

Facilitate collaboration and protect data for Universities, research institutes and schools.


Remote Learning

Easy Sharing with Team

Flexible Scaling

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  • QloudData Personal
  • QloudData VPS
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Easy to Use

Intuitive dashboard, learn to use within 1 min.

Real-Time Synchronization

Sync files from your device automatically in real-time. Access it from your Windows, Android or iOS device anywhere.

Free Support

Free support with no additional charges, as how support should be.

Total Privacy

QloudData will not access, analyze or use any data within your account for any purpose. So you can rest assure your data will remain only known to you.

Calendaring & Contacts

Share your calendar with your contacts, let them know your schedule better.

Data Backup and Restoration

Backup your data with no extra charge, allowing you to restore it when needed, such as accidental deleting your files.

Rich Workspace

Preinstall with apps and tools enabling users to collaborate and work together, tracking timeline and delegate tasks.

Lock Files

Prevents conflict with colleagues who are trying to edit the same file.

Access Controls

Control access of different users to ensure maximum security for organization data.

Workflow Management

Create and manage rules to control the flow of data between users and servers, enable admins to allow or deny access to, convert, delete or retain data within business requirements.

Secure File Exchange

Protected by passwords, enabling high sensitive entities like hospitals, banks, notaries, and government agencies to securely send files to and receive files from customers, patients, clients or partners.

Data Backup and Restoration

Backup your data with no extra charge, allowing you to restore it when needed, such as accidental deleting your files.

Ease of Use

Students can collaborate using tools which are easy to use

Facilitate Remote Learning

Comes with first-class support to facilitate learning from anywhere, even not within the campus.

Support Large Amount Data

Store your large amount of research data with efficiency and competitive cost, and share them with your collaborator.

Moderation Over Children

Parents or guardians can monitor and moderate what information is being shared to their children.


Huge marketplace with vast variety of applications available to suit your learning objective.

Data Backup and Restoration

Backup your data with no extra charge, allowing you to restore it when needed, such as accidental deleting your files.

We always listen to our users.

Qloud Data Personal Upgrade is now available!

Increase productivity and collaboration securely by upgrading from Free Edition to larger Storage

Launch Promo Code: QDATA20


Collaboration & Integration

Modern organizations secure data and improve productivity with by enabling customers and employees to collaborate seamlessly across divisions and over company borders. Supports integration including Outlook, LDAP and Active Directory.

Sync Anywhere

Supports Windows, Mac OS, Android and IOS client. Access, share and work your important files on the go or synchronize between them.

Sharing Flexibility

Do not put your corporate data at risk with free public servers. Share with QloudData locally or private cloud with full control, upload rights and password protection.

Powerful Security

Protected with End-to-end encryption and group policy settings

Calendaring & Contacts

Calendar sharing with other QloudData users or groups and sync with your devices to know them better.

Compliance a priority

Built with Auditing Capabilities, Files Access Control and GDPR compliance ready.

File Versioning & restoration

Recovers data or files that accidentally deleted. Restore your modified pdfs, documents or spreadsheets to the preferable version.


Unlimited storage and amount of filesVaries per planVaries per plan
Large file support10GB5GB20GB
Self hosted/on premises
Scalability limitsUnlimited5K/10K/unlimited
Mobile Clients
Auto upload images/video/other files////*//*$/$/*//*
Desktop clients
LAN Synchronization
Extensible with apps
Outlook integration$
Full text search$$$
File VersioningLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
File Locking/checkout
File Metadata$$
View PDF, images, video, gallery
Integrated Audio/Video/Text chat//////////
Integrated Groupware
Mobile calendar/contact integration/
Online Office in web / mobile/
Collabora/ONLYOFFICE MS Office
File Drop (customer file upload)
Block downloads
Video Verification
Inter-server sharing
File ownership transfer
Keyboard/screen reader support
WCAG 2.1 supportAA/AAAAA/AAA
Dyslexia-friendly font
Access control lists
Content workflow automation
Limited to admins

Limited to admins

Limited to admins
Automatic script execution
Impersonate users
Real time notifications
Monitoring web/API interface/////
Data retention policy supportLimited
Long term support (5-10 years)N.A.N.A.N.A.N.A.
Easy self-service in UI or full custom CSS
Very limitedVery limited
Full audit trailLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
Imprint and privacy links
Built in data-request/account deletion
Server side encryption
Client side encryption
Ransomware prevention/recovery/////
Video Verification
Brute force hacking protection
NIST compliant password policy
Web UI secured with CSP 3.0
With same-site cookie attribute
File Access Control
App access rights
ML based suspicious login detection
Native SAML
Auth via env variable
File storage (local/NFS)
Object storage (S3/Swift)
CIFS/Windows Shares
Extensible storage

Powered by


Powered by NextCloud a leader of enterprise on-premises file sync and online collaboration technology providers

  • QloudData Personal – personal storage for remote worker, automatically sync and store data from your devices to cloud with 100% privacy.
  • QloudData VPS –  Enterprise-grade File Sync and Share Services anytime, anywhere. Powered by the award winner Nexcloud Files and Nextcloud Hub allows your organization to collaborate freely but securely with comprehensive managed support provided by Qloud MSP

You may subscribe to QloudData via our website at https://marketplace.qloud.my

You can set auto subscription in your account at https://marketplace.qloud.my

You can login to your account at https://marketplace.qloud.my and manage your subscription.

Our customers care deeply about security and so do we. Nextcloud aligns with industry standards such as Clause 14 of ISO/IEC27001-2013 and related standards, guidance and security principles. Our solution is built around combined assurance layers consisting of rich security features, applied best practices governed by policy and the design itself validated by industry standard testing processes.

  • Better Protection

Cloud-based file sharing services, like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive, are limited in their ability to protect your sensitive business documents. As high-profile service providers, they are under increased threat of attack by hackers, as seen in recent headlines regarding security concerns and data breaches.

In contrast, QloudData allows you to store your sensitive documents on your server of choice, providing you with local security and management of those documents.

  • Efficiency & Control

Finding a way to send files as email attachments can be challenging when it comes to file size restrictions, not to mention email’s vulnerability to interception during transmission. The QloudData EFSS central storage gives you the ability to share a document once and continue to make updates, all while shared users are accessing the most current information.

The ease of use and efficiency of QloudData means that employees have no excuse not to share files securely, no matter the size – no more bypassing IT’s data sharing workflows and exposing proprietary information to the world in the process.

Qloud MSP is the official implementation and support partner of Nextcloud GmbH in Malaysia. We are also the only Nextcloud Gold Partner in South East Asia region.

Official media release: https://www.qloud.my/qloud-msp-and-nextcloud-announce-partnership/ 

  • Independence – No vendor lock-in, no long-term commitment to manufacturers or IT service providers
  • Flexibility & Adaptability – Open Source software can be customized to meet individual needs
  • Transparency – Open source code ensures maximum transparency and trust in the software
  • Stability & Performance – Stable and tested technologies with high performance
  • Security – High security standards, security gaps are closed more rapidly
  • Innovation & Development – Fast and continuous development of the software by the community

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