Nextcloud Enterprise’s versatility is a good fit for schools, universities, and research institutes. With its easy-to-use collaboration tools, students, teachers, and staff can work together seamlessly on projects and assignments. The platform also prioritizes privacy and security, like end-to-end encryption that keeps sensitive data safe without compromising accessibility and availability. The platform also offers customization options to fit specific needs into e-learning platforms.

Here’s some benefits of how educational institutions benefited from Nextcloud Enterprise Edu:

Easy collaboration: Allows students, teachers, and staff to easily collaborate on documents, Kanban board, share files and folders, and communicate through chat and video-conferencing.

Increased privacy and security: End-to-end encryption for data at rest and in transit, ensuring that sensitive information is kept secure. Comply with GDPR principles.

Cost-effective: Thanks to Qloud MSP long-term collaboration with Nextcloud committed contribution to digital society through open standards now offers special pricing and discount to all education sectors. This can help to reduce costs compared to using a commercial public cloud storage solution.

Customization: Customized to fit the needs of your institution, including branding and integration with an existing e-learning system.

Mobile accessibility: Is accessible through a mobile app, which allows students, teachers and staff to access files and collaborate on projects anytime, anywhere.

Only Qloud Data & Nextcloud Enterprise offers educational institutes the reliability, security and compliance they need to confidently deploy software in critical environments without paying expensive cloud licensing plans.

Special Program applied across ASEAN countries.

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