What industry is your company in?

We are running a food and beverage retail. We used to operate solely in the store. But as we now venture into e-commerce, the online orders through our website grow tremendously. Now our revenue jumps by 30%.

What we realized our business is now highly dependent on our web orders. It needs to be stable and responsive all the time. Otherwise, they will cancel the orders if our online ordering sites is frequently slow and down.

How you ensure your website’s performance?

Because of cost concern, we go for shared hosting with a local hosting provider. However, the limited bandwidth of shared hosting is unable to handle a sudden spike in traffic. We know the website visitors would increase during the end and beginning of the month, and when near to festive season like Hari Raya, but we just can’t predict how many visitors will come.

At one point in time, we don’t even dare to run any marketing for our website, fearing the increased visitors may congest our website’s bandwidth. Hence, This is a loss to us.

After that, we migrated to Virtual Private Hosting Service. It resolves some performance issues. However, it is too expensive to keep and have several limitations like high fixed price, unpredictable bandwidth cost during promotions, which we require additional capacity.

How you discovered CirrusGrid?

It was introduced by one of my outsource IT support. They told us there is a local Cloud provider now offering Pay-As-You-Use hosting services with the latest technology. So we signed up for a trial and we see significant benefits right away. Something that we wanted.

First, they charge based on actual usage regardless of how high specifications you scaled or reserved our server and bandwidth and resources. Therefore, we do not need to worry too much about high traffics and continuously monitor every day because it is autoscaling. It comes with a monitoring and alerts threshold. Also, bundle with many important security features like 2FA and SSL for security concerns.

What are the results so far?

Few months since subscribed of CirrusGrid, it was one of the best decision as it really help my business and here’s why:

  • Our estimated monthly hosting fee dropped from RM 1200 down to an average of RM 800 per month, and we even get a free Network Monitoring System, Firewall, VPN, and SSL.
  • It automatically scales our cloud server resources and only charged according to what we have used, without any charges on a reserved instance.
  • We can addon other application with literally just a click of a button through the built-in marketplace.
  • Lightning speed and easy to use configurations. According to my IT, everything can be done in a single dashboard.
  • The reporting and traffic monitoring indicate our utilization and when most of our customers come in.

Kudos! During the migration and deployment period, CirrusGrid support team is very helpful and responsive; they guide us along the whole process and help us to be familiar with their platform. We can reach them through email and phone anytime, but most importantly, the quality is well satisfied.

What is your biggest takeaway?

With one less thing to worry about, we can go even further in terms of marketing and promotion without worrying about the expensive bill after that. It is an ideal solution for us, so we can now focus on our business.

* Company name is redacted according to client’s request.