Organizations are moving their applications and servers to Cloud computing providers becoming a trend because the task of managing an IT infrastructure is getting complex. The evolution of technology is dramatically fast. Often, many IT departments failed to keep up the pace of possessing new skills to manage such a modern environment like cloud effectively.

Moreover, many business owners or IT leaders have a misconception towards outsourcing to cloud providers. Migrating entire systems to the cloud doesn’t mean the providers responsible for all administrative works include, backup verification, penetration test, performance check, audit, and necessary future upgrade plans. Why? Aren’t we pay them? The answer is simple. The infrastructure is theirs, but data is yours. Data means information, and it is the biggest asset for a company.

Most cloud service providers do offer many flavors of software and ad-hoc services like backup and recovery, performance monitoring, and reporting statistics, but because most of them were optional, the IT team still requires to monitor and manage many other comprehensive aspects including policy, access control, picking the right software, dealing with security threats and contingency plan to avoid costly downtime. Hence, choosing the right cloud service providers like AWS, Azure, Alibaba or even local Cloud brandings is crucial. Otherwise, it will significantly impact the ROI and the main objectives of moving into the cloud. 

What Qloud MSP’s Managed Cloud & Hosting do?

We help organizations to implement, monitor and manage complex cloud environments effectively. Evaluate and propose the right and reliable cloud solution that performs best based on their IT environment and budget because IT should support the business and not the other way round.

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23 SEP 2019

By: Wang CW, General Manager – Qloud MSP | | Contact Us

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